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Proof Inc. 2019 - '20

Postvis Artist - The Suicide Squad (2021)

Created Postvis shots for James Gun's The Suicide Squad (2021)

Proof Inc. 2019

Previs Artist - Apex Legends trailer

Created previs shots for an Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer

Proof Inc. 2018 - '19

Previs Artist - Fast and the Furious 9 (2020)

Created Previs and Postvis shots for Fast 9

Proof Inc. 2017 - '18

Previs Artist - Shazam! (2019)

Created Previs and Postvis shots for DC's superhero movie, Shazam!

Proof Inc. 2018

Previs Artist - Comcast Commercial

Designed unique shots with fast moving, dynamic cameras

Proof Inc. 2017-18

Visualization Artist - The Predator (2018)

Character animation, layout, composites. Post-visualization 

Proof Inc. 2017-18

Visualization Artist - Rampage (2018)

Character animation, layout, composites. Post-visualization

Mello Music Group, 2017

Stopmotion Artist

Blame the Author - Stopmotion music video project, combining live action and miniature elements.

Crypt TV, 2017

Stopmotion Artist

Short film financed by Crypt tv intended as a mini pilot.

Vertebrae, 2016-17

In-House 3D Animator & Artist

Design and animation for virtual reality ad tech. 

Freelance, 2016

VFX Artist

Indie Feature - "Man From Outer Space"

Prologue, 2016

Stopmotion Artist

Stopmotion VR Tech Demo, “Memos From Hell”

Spiffy, 2015

Beauty Compositor

Behind the Scenes - "In the Heart of the Sea"

Spiffy, 2015

Character Animator

Indie Feature - "American Fable"

Prologue, 2015

Matchmove & Compositing

Monitor composites and matchmove animations for fire effects - "Zoolander 2"

Prologue, 2015

3D Generalist

VR video game - "Electron Wars"

Partizan, 2015

VFX Artist

Music Video - MSMR's "Painted"

Prologue, 2015

Character Animator

Video Game Cinematic Trailer - "Destiny, The Taken King"

Sizzlepitch, 2015

Concept Artist

Music Video featuring Disney's "Cinderella"

Sizzlepitch, 2015

Concept Artist

AT&T Ballpark Expo

Prologue, 2014

Character Animator

ESPN NBA Countdown Advertisement

Prologue, 2014

CG & Stopmotion Animator

American Horror Story's 4th season title sequence - "Freakshow"

Freelance, 2013

Traditional Animator

Music Video for Josh Pyke's "Warm in Winter"

Personal Work, 2012-13

Director, Animator, Writer

My thesis stop motion animated film, "Death and the Robot"

Freelance, 2012

Illustrator, Animator

Animated advertisement for Good Health Natural Foods

Freelance, 2011


Short Film Storyboook Animation - "Children of Wax"

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