Models & Puppets

Digital and physical models

Magical Robot

Stopmotion Music Video composited

with Live Action. These photos document

the process of creating the magician's

little robot.

You can see it HERE

Mechanical Crabs

Monstrous creatures sent to destroy magician and his magical inventions. These are part of a music video combining live action and miniatures.

You can see it HERE

Skin Deep

Stopmotion short about a woman who

experiments on herself to finalize her

restoration serum. This is the first time

I've attempted a human character in 

stopmotion, and my first attempt at 

replacement faces.

You can see it HERE

Devil puppets


Designed, modeled, and 3D printed these devil puppets for a cool VR project with Prologue called Memos From Hell.

You can watch it HERE

VR Space Puppets

Characters I modeled in Maya and 3d Printed using a universal base armature I've been improving on. These were used in a Taco Bell VR demo ad experience.

Low Poly Models

Modeled these 3D objects for Vertebrae's plugin to dynamically plant into VR spaces. Topology and textures had to be highly optimized to accomodate for mobile platforms.

Character Models


Various sculpts from jobs and personal projects. Modeled in Maya and Zbrush.

Hard Surface Modeling

Here's a weapon I modeled and textured while working at Prologue, optimized for a VR game.

Camel Stopmo Puppet

3D printed miniature puppet designed to proxy for a client's larger hand-puppet counterpart.

Death and the Robot 3D Printing

This video details the 3D Printing process for Death and the Robot's characters, my first that were fully 3D printed.

Death and the Robot Puppets

These characters were created in Autodesk Maya and 3D printed using a Dimensions Printer at Center for Design Innovation. These photos document the process.

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